Collection: Part Two


Reflection 13th June

Today I got my first task for foundation plus which is self portrait. It’s my first time to do a two day project, I felt very confused and lost which it is not like what I expected. Since I didn’t have enough time for planning (such as drawing a thumbnail) before taking the photo shoots, so that the first few images that I have took wasn’t really ideal as I think the pictures that I have took can not express my identity. After I went back to hall, I started to look at my personal belongings and try to find out something that could represent myself. When I open my wardrobe and saw all the black clothes somehow I see myself within the wardrobe.


Reflection 14th June

In this project I want to go deeper into my inner self, one of the elements of my inner self is lost, this is the element that I would like to explore more as I think lost is the main elements that made me who I am today. I am still experiencing lost and I really wanted to know more about myself and re-recongnize myself once again to the elements ‘lost’ and to see how this element become part of myself.

I experienced using the stairs to take my self portraits because stairs give me the impression of having endless steps and endless road, you never know when to stop and where is the end. From the angle that from the top to bottom, I think there are too much compositions in one photo that I can’t fully convey the message. Instead of using the angle from top to bottom I changed to use the angle from bottom to top which I think that could provide the feeling of hollowness and emptiness more.


Reflection 14th June


Reflection 15th June

Through my self portrait , I want to know who am I. All this time I'm lost, not only where I want to go, which direction I'm heading but also deep down who am I. I do think after all this time I have been neglected myself and haven’t really stop and really look at myself. I would like to use this chance to re discover myself, my true self.

 I used dim light to convey the saddened of the loneliness and I used angle to show the hollowness of it, to give it more depth. I made the image through take photo beside the stair case as the stair case colour really fit the theme and the angle of it really show and help me convey the message. The composition of the stair case , the colour of coolness (grey) and the distance between really makes it more intimidating for me to express my thought towards ‘lost’.

I received some feedbacks during the crit in this morning. One of my tutors said that although the proportion of me in this image is a bit small but the scale and composition of the stair case makes me looks like I’m a person that people are looking up to. In fact, their comments are opposite to my concept and the message that I would like to convey, I think I could adjust the view point (angle of the staircase) also could record more layers of stair case within the triangle to express the feeling of ‘lost’.


16th June


Reflection 20th June

Yesterday I have made an action plan for this week and I was planing to finish my research before lunch and start sketching some initial ideas in the afternoon. The planning for the afternoon section haven’t achieved as I didn’t finish my research, somehow I feel that I’m getting stuck with doing research as I think my research direction is very vague.

In this afternoon I have a personal tutorial with Karen, I have show her the drawings I have did for research during the tutorial, she think that I should put more focus in my subject specialism as I am doing menswear but from my drawings it can’t see anything that is related. She also advised me to not be limited by the materials/fabrics I can already buy, instead I could adapt my research images into fabric print. I think her feedbacks are really useful and really can help me to move on with the research of this project.


Reflection 21st June

Today is our first time to have study support session. I found that it’s quite useful as through this session it could help me to improve the research and reflection skills for my projects. One of the things that I have learned is during the research process for each projects, I should keep asking myself why I would like to do this, as it could help me to re think and generate better ideas and concepts.

I still feel a bit confuse and lost on my research therefore I had a personal tutorial with Georgia in this afternoon. The feedbacks given by Georgia was useful. She suggested me to work faster and not to decorate my sketch book pages as sketchbook is more about layout my initial ideas, it’s not about how pretty it looks. The most important is that it shows how I think and the design development process must be clear and explainable. Georgia had also suggested me to look at some gothic patterns and wall paper designs for my research and do more designs on the body with collage, test sketches and stencils. I should work faster and be more concentrate as there are not much time left for this project.


Reflection 13th June


Reflection 14th June


Reflection 16th June

Frances Richardson made me think differently about drawing as we always think that there are only lines and shapes, but Frances used mark-making (little symbol of (-) and (+)) to create a bigger picture. And because of this approach, she can convey two different story and visual connection with people. As when you look at the same artwork with different perspective, you have different feelings and emotions, and opinions out of it. It’s an impressive way to connect it with the public.


One of the task is that I have to close my eyes and use one of my hands to touch my partner’s face and use the other hand to draw it. The blind drawing somehow forced me to focus and concentrate on the sensation and the touch of it. It’s really given a different perspective on giving out the information of the face. It’s really given me a different approach and idea of what drawing is all about. Although the outcome is different from what I usually do, but the outcome definitely amazed me and it comes out interesting. And I really like the distorted style of drawing and oddness of it.


Reflection 19th June

Timetable (“This place” project)










-Project briefing

-think of research direction 


-Continue research(artists/designers/historical)

-Start idea development

-Workshop induction


-Workshop inductions




Research-observational drawings

-Start Sketching initial ideas

-Idea development

-Finish idea development

-Start making toile/sample






Go to fabric market

-Sketch final ideas(a collection?)

Go to fabric market



Today we started a new project called “This place”. On last Friday I did a lot of drawings with using different materials in different approaches and those drawings have given me some research ideas and direction about the new project and it is a good chance for me to know more about the places around Kings Cross.

During the project briefing in this morning, I have gathered more information about Kings Cross and St. Pancras. The images of St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel attracted me with the hand painted  walls patterns. I decided to go to the hotel for doing some observational drawings. Although my pathway is fashion menswear but I am trying to figure out how to use the patterns as part of the important elements for my designs. In this project I would also like to look at some historical buildings/architectures around Kings Cross/St. Pancras(in details, e.g the building structure) as I would like to transfer these elements into the silhouettes for my designs.


Reflection 22nd June

This afternoon we have our first 3D workshop for FAD plus. Although it doesn’t very related to my pathway but I quite enjoy the process.

After the inductions about different machines by technicians, we started to do our own experiments. At first I was a bit scare of using the professional machines as I think they are very dangerous and I think I will miss some steps, but while I finally experience with using the machines I found that it was quite easy to work with. One of the experiments I have did during the workshop is vacuum forming, personally I am quite familiar with this experiments as I have did similar thing for one of my projects during foundation course. This time is slightly different as we can make our own mould. I made a capital letter “L” block with using the wood cutting machine. We all have been given a plastic plate for the vacuum forming experiment. The machine melt the plastic plate very quickly and form the “L” shape within 20 seconds. This experiments is a little bit unsuccessful as there is a tiny crinkle part next to the inner angle of the “L” shape and there are some pencil drawing marks left on the experimental outcome which is slightly distract.

I am looking forward to the stitch workshop tomorrow as I really want to learn how to use the knitting machine and I am going to make some samples that related to my project.



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